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Mechanical Beds

Getting mechanical beds out of a hospital is not as difficult as one might imagine, especially when it's being removed by a patient. The patient had been in ICU for more than ten days, and was finally being discharged. He'd grown quite accustomed to the motorized bed, with its adjustable tilt, back rest, and knee rest. He decided that it was better than his own mattress, and thought he'd take it along with him when he left. Now, this probably wasn't the smartest thing to do.

No one noticed as he slipped back into the hospital almost as soon as he had walked out. But he figured as long as he was going to be convalescing with plenty of bed rest at home, he might as well have the best. He hopped on an elevator that took him back to the ward where he had spent so much time after being admitted. Finding the room, he went in but was shocked to see another patient already in his bed. Deciding to make the best of a bad situation, he summed up the circumstances and figured this was going to be the best cover, ever. He ducked into a medical supply room and grabbed an intern's uniform that he quickly put on. He made his way back to the room, picking up a clipboard along the way.

He approached the patient and asked how he was feeling, but got no response. Then, he told another patient in a nearby bed that they would be back later, and he unlocked the brakes at the base of the bed. Pushing the bed toward the door, it was only moments until they were in the hallway. No one seemed to notice as they headed toward the elevator. The patient was sleeping, probably from medication or something, and the elevator noise and bumping didn't bother him at all. Exiting the elevator, he noticed that there was a commotion at the end of the hall, drawing the security guards attention away from the doors. Silently, he eased the bed toward the door and made his getaway.

It was about five minutes up the street that he noticed a laundry mat. He figured this was as good a place as any to unload the freeloading rider who hadn't contributed anything to the ride, except a constant snoring that would definitely get on anyone's nerves. So stopping off, with the assistance of some bewildered people who were there to do a weeks worth of laundry, he helped relieve his friend of the adjustable bed, laying him on a long black cushion, inside. Then, he continued back down the street pushing his new bed.
   Use hand crank power. Store your stove, pots, and pans in a camping cupboard.